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Great Things to Do in Idaho

Idaho is a state in the northwest United States known for its mountainous terrain and vast swaths of protected wilderness and outdoor recreation areas. Boise, the state capital, is in the Rocky Mountains and is divided by the Boise River, which is popular for rafting and fishing. Julia Davis Park, located on the city's riverfront, is a downtown green space that includes a rose garden, museums, and a zoo.

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1. Idaho Museum of Mining and Geology

The Idaho Museum of Mining and Geology is a free museum containing rocks, minerals, and indigenous artefacts. This museum has a lot to teach you about geology. They even have an earthquake monitoring station. They also have animal artefacts from millions of years ago. The museum also has an online collection available on bumber of breathtaking photographs of stunning gemstones. They also have a YouTube channel where you can continue your education at home. To supplement the educational experience, the museum hosts fun events and interesting lectures.

2. Idaho Black History Museum

Unfortunately, Idaho's Black history and culture are not well-known, but they should be! The Idaho Black History Museum is the state's first of its kind. The structure was the state's first Black church and was later converted into a museum to preserve African American art, history, culture, and resilience. To engage the community, the museum also hosts lectures, films, and workshops. Consider coming this weekend because it is one of Idaho's most meaningful places to visit.

3. The Butterfly Haven

The Butterfly Haven is the largest butterfly house in the state and is family-owned. This is a one-of-a-kind experience! Because of the migration patterns of the butterflies, they are only open for a part of the year, so make sure to stop by before they close. This is a lovely butterfly garden, complete with blooming flowers and birds. There are many breathtaking sights to see. This is one of Idaho's most magical places to visit.

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4. Children’s Museum of Idaho

If you're looking for places to take kids, the Children's Museum of Idaho is a must-see. Visitors are not to use their devices and to immerse themselves in the imaginative world of play, which is to as one of the best Idaho attractions. This will be a fantastic treat for your children! There are hundreds of different toys to play with, many of which are too special exhibits. 

5. Swan Falls Dam

Swan Falls Dam has two versions: old and new. The new one is now being used as a hydroelectric dam. The old dam now serves as a museum. This is an interesting place to spend time with family. You can book a tour of the museum to learn about hydroelectricity and see the dam's various levels. This, like many other Idaho attractions, is an excellent place to reconnect with nature. The dam is on the Snake River and is colourful canyons. There are walking and driving trails, as well as camping and picnic areas.

6. Sun Valley Museum of Art

The museum houses work by both emerging but promising artists and world-renowned artists. They host writers, artists, and performers who come to foster a creative community. Acting and family art workshops are also available at the museum. These encounters will assist you in connecting with your inner artistic self. With thousands of visitors and many free programmes, you're sure to find something of interest. To help overcome any language barriers, the museum also provides free art classes in English and Spanish.

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