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What are the Challenges of an Inbound Call Center & How CCC Helps Overcome Them?


The inbound call center grapples with several challenges, making it hard for businesses to deliver high-quality customer support. The limited capabilities of the traditional inbound call center prevent the business from connecting with its customers in the best manner. But with the call center solution, companies have made their call operations more efficient and responsive to the customers' needs. Today businesses are modernising their call center operations by integrating the software for the call center and streamlining their processes.

The inbound call center faces many challenges. This blog will discuss how the Cloud contact center resolves the challenges with its various advanced capabilities.

Easy setup and activation:  The inbound call center setup used to be expensive because it involved a lot of traditional infrastructures. CAPEX requires heavy expenditure, and it is a time-consuming process. On the contrary, the CCC is a smart plug-and-play solution that can be easily integrated and activated. It is the perfect solution for companies looking forward to building a remote workforce that can work efficiently. They can set up the solution and continue to offer the best customer support irrespective of the agents' location.

The cloud contact center resolves this and many more challenges with its various advanced capabilities, so businesses want to get call center solutions.

Availability: With the traditional call centers in place, the customers could call the business within a specific period- usually during working hours only. There was no concept of 24x7 availability. But with the introduction of the call center solution, businesses can now be available to their customers beyond working hours. The reason is that calls received at the call centers can be forwarded to the agent's mobile numbers and landlines. Another feature that allows a business to provide round-the-clock availability is IVR integration. The IVR represents several query resolutions, and customers can choose the self-help menus. The automated voice in the software directs them to the department they need to connect with for query resolution. With automation, a business can be present for its customers 24x7. It helps provide better CX as the customers can connect with the company anytime.

Measure agent performance: The traditional call center had no means to measure agent performance. They could not gauge their efficiency levels and had no idea how their entire call operations were performing. But with the CCC, things have changed drastically. The cloud center software solution helps businesses with insights into call operations and measures the agents' performance based on KPIs. The software for call centers also offers a call recording facility that allows businesses to get an insight into the agent's performance. The solution grabs the data and helps companies to make informed decisions. It also gives a business insight into the customers' preferences, allowing businesses to streamline their customer support operations and provide high customer satisfaction.

Concurrent calls: The inbound call centers could not respond to many calls simultaneously, which was one of the biggest disadvantages of traditional call centers. But with the call center solution, the software allows the business to respond to a large number of calls simultaneously. It ensures the customers do not have to wait in long queues and are connected quickly with the business.

Better CX: The CCC is embedded with many elements that collectively provide a better CX. For instance, the call center software offers an optimised call experience with personalised greetings and custom music. In addition to the personalisation factor, the software also ensures the best query resolution with skills-based call routing. These small elements help to give a better CX and make the custom brand image more customer-friendly. The main aim is to provide a better CX, and customers get a strong reason to stay with the brand- good customer support.


From the above points discussed, we can conclude that the software for the call center is equipped with several essential features that help traditional call centers to overcome the challenges they face in their operations. It would be best to get the call center solution to streamline the customer engagement process and deliver an enhanced CX. Knowlarity is a leading cloud telephony company that offers software at the best prices. It also provides a free 7-day trial, and you can understand the functionality of the call center solution.


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