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While decorating our houses, we often seek professional help to pick out home décor for us. But why should you hand over this responsibility to others when you can do a much better job and the end product is going to be a lot more personal and an extension of your personality. 

If you are unsure of how to begin, you can start by visualizing the space with what you have in mind. Here are a few tips to inspire your home décor. 

  1. Anchor pieces – The anchor pieces are the bigger pieces that bind the furniture of the room and the house together. The couch, coffee tables, and TV cabinet are some of the important ones in the living room. They define the kind of furniture you have in the rest of the house. The colour, theme, and textures are the base for building the décor for the rest of your room.
  2. Fill the blanks – One of the surest ways to make sure your house remains uncluttered is to identify spaces you want free and then work backward. Fit inside tables, credenzas, cabinets in spaces, and leave the rest free. If you want to create a room with some depth, then try adding various textures to each other. This can be done using overlapping rugs, carpets, and so on.
  3. Decorate the smaller spaces too – If you have a modular kitchen and a long platform, then it is advisable to add small decorative items to make the place look livelier. For example, if you have a wooden study table, then you can decorate it with small pots and planters and make it look better. Add a sot board or a whiteboard in the background or quirky stationery holders to make the table look fuller.
  4. Keep up with the trends – Every year there are a few trends that gain popularity and getting on board with these is one of the ways to make your home glamorous. The recent trend is to paint the walls in pastel shades and use darker colours for the furniture. The use of neutral tones has been stopped almost completely and more people are willing to experiment with colours.
  5. Add arts and artifacts that go with your furniture – If you are going for a contemporary home décor then search for artifacts that support that theme and you can display them on cabinets and walls. If you are aiming for a bohemian look, then a colourful piece can go with your décor. Focus on the bigger things and then get down to the smaller details. Small pieces of art can be used to magnify the effect you need to have, however if you overdo it, then the space will look tardy and it won’t have the desired effect.

Inspiring designs can be used to get ideas, but the real beauty of your home is brought forth when you put your mind into shaping it.

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