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Where to Buy Land with Less Than 1 a Million in Kenya


Many people would like, and want to live around Nairobi Metropolis. Some because this is where they work, have their businesses, or just because they like the city environment. The challenge, however, comes when it gets to acquisition or purchase of land to build the homes.

Land in Nairobi is very expensive, and you may find a piece of property of 50×100 (1/8-acre), or even smaller running into tens of millions of shillings. This is because Nairobi is regarded as one of the fastest growing cities in Africa. The growth, which stretches to the population increases demand for property, and this demand increases the price of land around the city.

To feed this demand, Nairobi Metropolis dwellers started looking at satellite towns near the city for such investment. These are areas where little had been thought of, and this has changed the dynamics when it comes to buying land in Kenya.

Land rates vary from one place to another depending on the availability of basic infrastructure in these areas. Accessibility by road, availability of water and electricity, and the size are just but a few of the things that determine how to price land.

Some of the counties that have benefited a lot due to their proximity to the city include Kiambu, Machakos, and Kajiado, which all have satellite towns considered part of the Nairobi Metropolitan area.

1.      Ngong Town

Ngong Town is peaceful place where one can buy cheap land for a home. With many available options in Ngong, 1/8 acre plot in Ngong go as low as KSh600, 000. Due to its proximity to Nairobi CBD, Ngong has been considered a hotspot for residential investors. It also has different amenities you will not want to miss such as Ngong Hills and famous Windmills. Owning a residential home at the base of Ngong hills will be a dream comes true.

2.      Kamulu

Kamulu town is located 35-minute-drive from Nairobi CBD along, Kangundo Road, and is considered one of the fastest growing satellite towns within the Nairobi Metropolis. Here one can get affordable plots of 50×100 in Kangundo road for as low as KSh 650,000.

3.      Kitengela

Kitengela town is another area that has attracted land buyers, thanks to the affordable pieces of land in the area. Kitengela is located in Kajiado on the South side of Nairobi Metropolis. Here, from as low as KSh500, 000 you can get a piece of land for your home.




4.      Joska

Joska town is strategically located 30-minute-drive from Nairobi CBD along, Kangundo Road, and is another satellite town to look at when looking for cheap land to buy.

5.      Juja

Located in Kiambu County, and with the readily available infrastructure, people can purchase land with as little as KSh500,000. It also gives one proximity to an additional town (Thika) other than the Nairobi metropolitan.

6.      Maala

Malaa town is located only 2.5 km off Kangundo Road in Machakos County and is among the fastest-growing satellite towns within Nairobi. In Malaa, one can get 1/8-acre plots from as low as KSh650, 000.

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