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Top 5 IVR Service Providers in India

IVR stands for Interactive Voice Response, and it's a way of doing business that has been around for decades but only recently gained popularity. IVR allows companies to talk to customers over the phone, rather than emailing, or sending an automated response that requires them to click a link.

IVR systems are used by businesses across all industries for different reasons. For example, some use them to communicate with customers who are on hold or who have lost their connection with the company; others use them as a way of providing customer service agents with additional training in how they should interact with customers who call in, and still, others use them as a way of responding to inquiries without having to hire more staff just so they can answer customer questions quickly and efficiently.

IVR systems can be set up either manually or automatically via artificial intelligence (AI). Manual IVR systems are more expensive than automated ones and often require more effort on the part of the business owner—but they also offer better control over how their responses are generated and stored. Automated IVRs provide an excellent alternative for businesses looking for an easy solution that doesn't cost a lot of money upfront but also comes with long-term benefits like improved customer satisfaction scores

Benefits of IVR

IVR is a great way to make your business more accessible to customers.


  1. Saves Money: IVR has a low cost of operation, but high volume. This method of communication can save both time and money by reducing customer service wait times, as well as by reducing costs associated with staffing multiple phone lines or email addresses.
  2. Flexible: IVR is an easy-to-use and flexible system that can be customized to fit your business model. IVR allows you to have a human-voiced interface that can connect with your customers, even if they are on the other side of the country or across the globe. IVR gives you the ability to speak directly with your customers and provide them with information that they need, rather than having them fill out an online form or contact you by phone. It also allows remote work.
  3. Better customer experience: When the customers know that your business is accessible 24*7, they are most likely to be satisfied with your service. IVR lets you do that. It also reduces waiting time considerably and allows call routing to get your best agent to solve the question. They are more likely to recommend you to their friends if you use IVR.  
  4. Easy to set up: The service is easy to set up. Service providers provide end-to-end support. There is just an application that needs to be downloaded into your system for it to work. The AI-powered IVR also talks to the customer based on their tone and mood.

Top 5 IVR service providers in India


  1. Knowlarity:

Knowlarity is the best-known IVR service provider in India. It offers 24*7 support with multi-lingual support. You can talk to your international clients using the feature. It works well for the ones who are looking to expand their business internationally. Knowlarity also provides the facility to route calls to the best agents in your centre. The menu is customisable and can be tailored according to your needs.

What’s more is that it has clients like Hyundai, Swiggy, Unilever and Bira. It is a testament to its professionalism. The service provider also lets you have a free trial before opting for the service.

  1. Servetel:

It is another IVR service provider in India that has big clients like OLA, Cipla and Cars24. It provides the facility of voice broadcasting and call routing. The company lets you pick a number of your choice. However, it has not revealed its pricing structure very clearly.


  1. Exotel:

It is a company located in Bangalore that provides IVR services. The company offers a trial of 15 days with 1,000 credits. It has clients like RedBus and Practo. They provide a dashboard to check the performance and analytics of your business.


  1. My Operator Review:

The company, which has clients like Food Panda and Lenskart, has been an old player in the industry. You can get analytics reports, history of calls, call information and CRM integration with the company. It also offers SSL security.


  1. CallHippo:

CallHippo has clients like Instagram and Adobe. If you want, the company can provide you with a virtual number from the US. If you want to put a customer on hold. CallHippo plays music for them so that they do not get bored. It also provides voicemail services for your business. However, it is a little costlier as compared to the others.  

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