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Dab rigs are a type of water pipe used mainly with wax or oil extracts. The process of consuming these extracts is referred to as dabbing. While many people believe that dab popes are not a good choice for new stoners, the truth is that they are better than many options available in the market. These devices are not only easy to use; they also make for a discreet smoking device.

If you are looking for a device that will let you smoke discreetly, a dab rig is a good choice to consider. They also deliver a powerful hit anytime and any day. Once you get the hang of vaping, you are good to go with a dab rig.

What to Look for When Buying your Dab Rig

Preference is crucial when choosing a smoking device. That is the reason why some stoners prefer cool bongs pipes while others stick with only dab rigs under any circumstances.

If you are certain that a dab rig is the right thing for you, there are certain things you should consider when making a purchase. Here are some of these top factors to help you make the right choice.

  • Size

Dab rigs come in varying sizes, from small and discreet to large-sized devices that you can share with friends. When choosing, you first have to decide on the best size that fits your lifestyle.

Do you want something portable or something big that you can place elegantly in your study or your sitting room? Knowing the size you want is the first step in choosing the right dab rig for you.

  • Brand of Dab Rig

While many users do not bother about brands, it may be a good idea to pay a bit of attention to the brand you buy, especially if you are particular about durability. You should check the brand and how reputable they are in the market.

Take a look at headshops online to see the ratings that the brand has. If it is high enough and meets your expectations, then you have got a good piece in your online cart.

  • Durability and Accessories

Whether you have a high or small budget, one of the things you should look for is the durability of your device. If it is not durable, then it may just be a waste of money. Check users’ reviews online to see what they are saying about the durability of the device.

Additionally, check to see if the device can easily be upgraded with nice accessories for long-term use. If you are buying a cheap piece as your first dab rig, you may not worry much about this. However, if you are investing reasonable money into your device, then you should check how easy it is to upgrade it with accessories.

  • Compatibility with your Style

Apart from the hit you get from your smoking device, personal style is also very important. If you are not proud to own it, then you might as well not buy it. Check a piece that suits your style and something you can be proud to show off in your space.

Finally, determine if you would want the nail to come with it. It is crucial to understand how nails work if you want to use concentrates because it is the part of the dabbing process where you dab your wax extracts on the nail. It is where the heating process takes place.

How to use a Standard Dab Nail

Understanding how a standard dab nail works will prolong the enjoyment that comes with using a dab rig. Here are the simple steps to use a dab nail.

  • Put the flame on your torch to the nail and wait until it glows bright red.

  • If the nail comes with a dome, slide it on the top of the nail, so it sits perfectly on the joint

  • Next, wait for the titanium nails to cool for about ten seconds. If it is a quartz nail, wait for it to cool for about 45 seconds.

  • Now drop a little of the concentrates on the heated nail to get started.

What are the Most Popular Dab Nails?

Even if you want to switch to a concentrate vape, later on, knowing the different materials for nails will be of big help. That is because the nail materials used on cool dab rigs are like the heating chambers of the atomizer on a vaporizer.

It is best to choose the perfect material to get the best heat-up time, freshness, flavor, and ability to hold the heat in the concentrate within the device. Dab nails come in different shapes and styles. Some of the popular options you can explore include:

Glass Dome and Nail: This is a low-cost standard dab nail and it comes with most rigs. You can easily upgrade it to a higher version later on.

Domeless Titanium Nail: These are the most hassle-free, durable dab nails that you will find on the market.

Quartz Banger Nail: Also known as “bucket,” this device is highly popular and it delivers clean vapor always. It has an easy-to-open top shape that makes using it very seamless.

E-Nail: This always requires precise temperatures and is not often recommended for new users.

Many high-end dab rigs come with high-quality nails with the dab rigs. Most standard brands come with affordable glass nails to minimize the cost. If you are worried about cost, you can stick with the affordable designs and later upgrade the accessories later on.


If you prefer oil or wax extracts to herbs, then you should get a good hang of a dab rig. If you are new to these devices, we recommend the banger nails because they are easy to work with and easy to heat.

They are also easy to keep clean. Dab rigs always deliver clean smoke-less aroma and fresh and natural flavor. Even the small-size options pack a powerful punch that will keep you high for longer.

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