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8 Epic Things to Do in Cabo San Lucas Mexico


Jennifer Aniston, Selena Gomez, and George Clooney spend their vacations at this hip resort area where the desert and the sea meet. And we've pretty much tried all there is to do in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico! We go to Cabo at least once or twice a year; it's our family's favorite vacation spot. (Except for a couple of months, most months are ideal for a trip to Los Cabos.

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1) Go whale watching

The majority of sightings in Cabo are of humpback whales. They're the most energetic and entertaining to watch. They are seen from the coast, spouting and jumping. Take a whale-watching boat excursion, though, to observe whales up close. It's one of the top winter activities in Los Cabos! You'll see whales. We've gone whale watching in Cabo at least six times and have seen whales on all but one of them. See this top-rated small group tour in a Zodiac boat, led by knowledgeable guides.

2) Santa Maria Bay

Santa Maria Bay is one of the three top snorkelling spots in Cabo. You might even see whales! A snorkelling boat excursion, such as this 4-hour sailing-and-snorkelling catamaran cruise, is a popular way to get there. Or you'd want to go kayaking there? We went on this kayaking and snorkelling experience with Cabo Outfitters, where we kayaked to and snorkelled in both Santa Maria Bay and Chileno Bay - fantastic! The kayaking adds to the enjoyment. You can, but, do it yourself. Drive (or take the bus) to Santa Maria Beach first thing in the morning and you'll have the bay all to yourself.

3) Flora Farms

Flora Farms has been established for several years and continues to reinvent itself, becoming larger and better. It's a 25-acre organic farm hidden away at the end of a rocky sand road in San Jose del Cabo, growing all kinds of flowers, veggies, and herbs. Flora Farms also includes an on-site field kitchen and farm-to-table restaurant. A free walking farm tour (register here) followed by lunch is one of the best ways to explore Flora Farm. Dinner is also delicious. To maximise flavour, serve everything family-style.

4) Medano Beach

One of the most enjoyable Cabo San Lucas activities is completely free. Go to the beach! Cabo San Lucas now has many beautiful beaches. But, Medano Beach is Cabo's beach. Consider pure golden sand. Swimming requires calm. (This is one of the few beaches in Los Cabos where you can swim.) There are also many enjoyable water activities available, such as jet skiing and parasailing. 

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5) Pedregal

The rocky mountain (hill?) rising beyond Cabo San Lucas is called Pedregal, which means "rocky ground." Walking up the steep switchback roads in Pedregal is one of the best things to do in Cabo San Lucas for a wonderful outdoor cardio exercise. The stroll also provides breathtaking vistas. From the top, you can see the marina on the Sea of Cortez side and the infinite expanse of the Pacific Ocean on the other.

6) seafood tacos

There are ho-hum tacos, which is one of the amusing facts about Mexican food we've uncovered. There are also some very delicious tacos! After trying a few locations, we discovered that Tacos Gardenias had some of the greatest tacos in Cabo San Lucas. This taco business, which was a true hole-in-the-wall, has cleaned up over the years. It now draws taxis full of high-heeled, mini-skirted, 20-something tourists looking for a bite to eat before going clubbing. But, "Mama" (the founding grandmother) continues to work in the kitchen and receive taco orders. We branch out and get the fish tacos. But, the fresh prawn tacos remain our favourite.

7) whale sharks

Whale sharks aren't actually whales or sharks. They are among the biggest fish in the world, attaining lengths of up to 40 feet. They are also quite gentle creatures. They only eat plankton and krill by opening their enormous jaws wide. Whale sharks congregate in the Bay of La Paz, about a 2-hour drive from Cabo San Lucas, between October and February to feed. And, on an all-day cruise from Cabo, you may snorkel with this amazing endangered species in La Paz. (It's actually one of the coolest things to do in Mexico!)  

8) splurgey hotel

Cabo is the place to go if you want to spoil yourself at a fantastic hotel. (For example, one distinction between Cabo and Puerto Vallarta is that Cabo has far more uber-luxe properties.) We've been at many of Cabo's swankiest hotels throughout the years. There's also the legendary One & Only Palmilla. We also enjoy Thompson Hotels' The Cape. Consider stunning views of Cabo's 200-foot-high granite Arch as well as a cool contemporary vibe.

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