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Fixed Orthodontic Bracket Breakage and Important Points

Breaking orthodontic brackets or wires can cause stress to people with fixed orthodontics because it is both costly and may increase the length of the treatment period. But as a dental specialist in Newmarket orthodontics says, broken wire or bracket is one of the relatively common problems of dental orthodontics that people may encounter many times during the treatment. It would help if you weren't stressed or anxious over it. Therefore, there is no reason to worry. In this article, let us provide complete information about the broken orthodontic bracket or archwire, dear users.

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What Is the Cause of Fixed Orthodontic Bracket Breaking?

Before we write about the management of broken brackets or wires, it should be clarified why and how brackets and wires, the most important components of orthodontic braces, may break, loosen or fall off.

The most important causes of the orthodontic bracket and wire loosening or breaking are:

  • Eating forbidden foods (the same foods that the specialist repeatedly insists you not eat during orthodontics. Dried fruits, hard foods that need to be chewed, etc.)

  • Manipulation of bracket or wire by people themselves or others

  • Chewing on objects such as pens, pencils, etc

  • Impact of objects on the teeth (impact or trauma to the face and brackets, such as the impact of a ball, stick, fist, etc.)

  • Strong and unprincipled closing of brace components (wire, bracket, spacers, etc.)

  • A harmful substance that loosens the cement that connects the bracket to the tooth

  • Placing too much pressure on the bracket from the orthodontic wire

  • The poor-quality orthodontic bracket Newmarket orthodontics

What Should We Do When the Orthodontic Bracket Breaks?

In general, when the brackets loosen or fall, please keep the following actions in mind so that you can repair or replace them as soon as possible. The most important steps during breaking orthodontic brackets are:

First: Be calm and relax!

First of all, you should be aware that most of the time, when a bracket becomes loose or falls, it is not an emergency. You are not the first person to experience this issue, and you won't be the last. You may still face this problem even during treatment, so take it easy. After keeping calm, be careful not to swallow the broken or loose fixed orthodontic bracket in any way or try to open the loose bracket by applying force on the tooth.

Second: Assess the extent of the damage

Look at the bracket very carefully and see what exactly is wrong with the bracket. Is it just loose or broken? If there is no problem with the orthodontic wire and it is in place, do not manipulate it. Gently push the wire back through the bracket.

If the bracket is broken and you suspect that it will damage your gums or tongue, take orthodontic wax and apply some of it around the bracket and its sharp part. If the bracket is loose and may fall off, remove it and keep it in a certain place until you visit the orthodontist's office.

Third: Check all brackets and orthodontic wire.

As we said in the previous section, gently pull the wire back and secure it with orthodontic wax if it is still attached to the bracket. But if the wire is also torn and protruding or is long, cut it from where it is extended at a short distance from the tooth. Then cover the sharp or protruding end of the wire with wax.

Fourth: Call your orthodontist and make an appointment

Immediately after securing the loose brackets and wire, contact your orthodontist and tell them the damage details so they can schedule an appointment for you. If the bracket is broken or the wire is loose, this can be an emergency, and you should go to the specialist's office as soon as possible.

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