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All You Need To Know About Shiplap Wood Siding

With its angular, contemporary lines and classical undertones, shiplap works well in almost any room of the house. The lines of shiplap, which can be painted, stained, or left natural, give the wall an ordered rhythm. An affordable interior wall choice that matches many different types is wood ship lap siding, which is very simple to install.

All You Need To Know About Shiplap Wood Siding


Shiplap Wood: What It Is

A long, narrow board called shiplap has grooves cut (or rabbeted) into the top and bottom of its long sides. Shiplap wood has traditionally been used as outside siding, but it is increasingly being employed as a wall treatment in dwellings.

The distinctive element that characterises the board is its rabbeted grooves, or shiplap. The product's characteristic lines are a result of the grooves. The grooves enable self-spacing of the boards, allowing for quick and reliable installation.

The grooves of shiplap are alternating top and bottom. The groove is concealed and facing the wall at the top. The groove faces outward or in the direction of the room at the bottom. Opposing grooves create a secure, waterproof bond when boards are positioned next to one another.

How Is Shiplap Siding Installed?

The majority of home builders and contractors have worked with wood siding shiplap. It is a common choice for exterior cladding on houses. It has historically been a popular interior choice for barn dwellings and is increasingly popular in contemporary home decor. For homeowners, installing shiplap siding is a somewhat simple DIY undertaking. To install the boards both inside and outside, just hammer them into the studs.

  1. Cut the first board horizontally, parallel to the flooring, starting at the bottom of the wall. If the studs are not exposed, it is crucial to utilise a basic stud finder to make sure you are aware of their locations. Although this can vary, studs are typically spaced 16 to 24 inches apart for interior installation.
  1. The first shiplap to the studs with nails or screws. To guarantee that the boards are well fastened and there is no visible air space between them, attach the tongue and groove fittings.
  1. Until you reach the top of the wall, keep nailing or screwing the panels. Check out this useful YouTube guide for more comprehensive, step-by-step installation instructions.

How Durable Is Shiplap Siding?

There are various variables that will affect how long shiplap siding will last. These variables include the kind of wood you use, good installation techniques, finishing the wood appropriately, routine maintenance, and even the orientation of your property. However, in general, shiplap siding ought to endure at least 20 and possibly 30 years. As an interior or exterior siding for your home, solid oak boards that you recycled from an old barn, for instance, could easily last for another 100 years or more. Cheaper commercial pine boards, on the other hand, will be significantly more vulnerable to shrinkage and moisture damage. A 20-year warranty is provided on all exterior shiplap siding products by a well-known company by the name of Shiplap Direct.

How Can You Purchase Shiplap Siding?

The majority of significant hardware and home improvement retailers will provide a wide variety of shiplap siding. Shiplap siding for home exteriors and interiors is a specialty of several internet vendors.

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