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Virtual Numbers Vs Local Numbers: What’s The Best for Business

It's undeniable that online virtual numbers have improved global communication and enabled businesses to reach clients anywhere.

Several entrepreneurs have taken notice of the excellent flexibility as well as the wide spectrum of benefits offered by this platform. In spite of this, the major dilemma that most businesses are faced with when choosing a virtual phone number is whether to choose a local number or a virtual number.

The question is, how do you determine which one is right for you and your business?

Which One Is Better For Your Business?

To make your decision easier, this article has drawn a table comparing the local and virtual numbers and their utility: -

Virtual Numbers

Local Numbers

1. You Bear The Cost

It is your company that will incur the calling charges on behalf of your customers, eliminating the barrier of money for your consumers to approach you.

Unfortunately, free calls are often misused, resulting in a higher number of unnecessary calls. You even get calls from people who ask irrelevant questions that take up your precious sales time. You might also get a call from a competitor pretending to be a customer to learn about your sales methods.

1. Sharing Costs with Customers

Most customers do not want to spend their money on resolving a query while connecting with the call center. Instead of offering virtual numbers, they would expect the company to offer virtual numbers. Local phone numbers cannot be used for this purpose. You will be charged local call rates by the service provider, which will discourage some customers from calling.

2: Convey A Bigger Presence

A virtual number makes your business look more professional and established. Businesses that want to reach a wider audience benefit from it. When you use a virtual number, your company can present a unified image even if your team members are located around the world. It is easy to present yourself as one large organization if you use one number with multiple extensions.

2: Local Presence

It is more convenient for customers to work with local businesses. Even if you are physically not present, you can win your customers' trust by using a local phone number.

3: Profitability in Portability

It can be pluripotent. Among the most significant advantages of virtual numbers is their portability. No matter where you go, you can use your favorite virtual number. In case of a relocation, the number can remain the same while you change service providers. In the event of your relocation, your customers won't be inconvenienced; they can continue using your services without interruption.

3: No Portability & Lack of Omnipresent

It can be relevant in your area, but it will stunt the growth of your business if you ever plan on scaling it. Leading you to start the process from scratch.

4: Local Presence

You can easily create your local presence with the help of online virtual number providers

4: Local Presence

Well, this is something where both numbers coincide with each other and are not much different.

5: Easy To Recall

Many studies have noted that a virtual number of a company represents a brand just as much as a logo.

5: Hard to Recall

As it is limited locally, it struggles to be remembered. The purpose of this number is to stay camouflage as a area’s number and does not stand out. Making it not as easy as Virtual numbers to remember.

Taking A Decision

The pros and cons of using a virtual number as opposed to a local phone number must be considered as you debating between the two. Make a decision based on which suits your organizational needs the best.

No matter what kind of phone number you choose for your business, whether it is a local number or a virtual number, both work well when paired with a CRM software. Virtual number provider like Knowlarity come with a built-in virtual phone system. Thus, you will be able to get your preferred local phone number or virtual phone number directly from the CRM and begin your calling activity from there. You can power up your sales with the insightful analytics attached to the phone calls received via online virtual numbers. Irrespective of whatever the kind of number you decide to opt for your business, make sure you compare all the call center software and choose the best provider.

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