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Skylight suppliers gold coast

Pitched and Flat Roof Skylights

No matter where you live in Australia’s spectacular Gold Coast, we have the premier installation to let all of that great light into your home in a truly sustainable way. Eco Sustainable House is a business that was founded, right here, on these golden shores and we know there’s something unique about the year-round sunlight we enjoy. Why not take advantage of it and buy a new VELUX skylight from us? We want you to see how the beautiful light from the fixture can transform any old room into a new, warm, and inviting environment. You will get the best product, the brightest light, and the best prices with Eco Sustainable House. 

Upgrade home sustainability with new-generation skylights

VELUX skylights are designed for out-of-reach applications and come in flat roof and pitched roof versions. We offer a wide range of sizes and features, including the latest VELUX FS skylight range. You can also order solar- and electrical-powered skylights. VELUX is a brand that is recognized nationwide as a representation of quality and efficiency. The brand has solidified its product presence over 30 years in Australia and over 70 years around the world. Its global recognition is thanks to its flexible design that is able to withstand the world’s harshest climatic conditions. All VELUX skylight products are high quality and built to perform for a lifetime of faultless vibrance. 

VELUX skylight specifications 

Eco Sustainable House offers many different VELUX skylight products starting from $290 AUD to top-of-the-range solar-powered skylights. Every type we ship to order is perfectly able to create natural light solutions in your home. You should strongly consider the openable skylights because they offer the added advantage of improved ventilation. Eco Sustainable House is also a qualified producer of VELUX ACTIVE climate control systems for all you green home automation experts. Some product specifications are below:

  • VELUX Fixed Double Glazed Glass Skylight 

The VELUX Fixed Skylight is a best seller with its easy and affordable installation cost, and simple design. The skylight comes in 12 different sizes and double-glazed laminated glass. 

  • VELUX Fixed Skylight Pitched Roof

VELUX has crafted and perfected this skylight to have a low profile and smooth look from the outside, with up to 9 different sizes of skylight to choose from.

  • VELUX Solar Powered Skylight

This skylight allows you to open and close via remote. The VELUX solar-powered skylight also has a pre-installed electric motor, which opens and closes when there is rain. 

  • VELUX VS Manual Opening Skylight

This is an easily openable system, and its modern design allows it to be the most value-for-money skylight. The VELUX manual skylight is specifically for pitched roofs of 15-90 degrees. It has double glazing and aluminium capping. 

Benefits of VELUX Skylights 

  • Cost effective 

VELUX skylights are an investment, but you can expect a good return on that investment. They can reduce heating and cooling costs because of the extra sunlight and the option to open the window for venting. Some of the brand’s latest models also offer superior protection against the elements. The newest types have built-in sensors that trigger the skylight to close during rain automatically. 

  • Eliminates mould and mildew

Windowless roofs are prone to harbouring moisture which causes mould and mildew. In some cases, mould and mildew need treating with harsh chemicals (typically bleach) toxic to the environment. Mould spores also lower indoor air quality and exacerbate allergies and asthma causing irritated eyes, nose, and throat. Skylights eliminate mould and mildew by letting in light, a natural deterrent to fungi and bacteria. They also warm up the temperature which reduces mould-friendly moisture. 

  • Energy savings

Skylights improve energy efficiency by heating and cooling your home with less need for an HVAC system. It’s essential your skylights are correctly installed, however, so there’s no possibility of drafts or excess heat which could spike energy bills. Switching to a double-pane skylight can also reduce heat loss by 15%, saving roughly $2,500 in energy costs. Ideally, a skylight with a southern exposure will warm the home best in the winter months. Also use insulated wood, vinyl, or fibreglass window frames instead of energy-inefficient aluminium and steel.

Are VELUX skylights worth it?

Many people mistakenly think getting a skylight or a roof window installed must be expensive, weaken the roof, and just cause new leaks in the roof. In fact, the complete opposite is true on all counts. We supply skylights that are inexpensive and require no significant structural changes to your roof. 

What's the difference between a skylight and a VELUX?

Most skylights are all manually operated, so they're best for in-reach applications. VELUX Skylights, on the other hand, can be solar, electric, or manually operated. When it comes to traditional skylight variations, they can be installed to numerous application options which offer some flexibility in terms of pitch and orientation. VELUX skylights have much more nuanced differences and can be compatible with a wider range of blinds compared to skylights. 

Why choose us?

All skylights sold online by Eco Sustainable House come with high-performance double glazing, providing superior heat block, noise reduction and lower maintenance. If you've seen a cheaper Velux skylight elsewhere, chances are it only has the comfort glazing, which is not rated for skylights installed 3 metres or more above floor level. Our vast range of sizes, options and finishes gives you the means to make the very best of every project. 

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