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Easy way to clear SSC CGL government job exams!


We all know that everyone in today's scenario wants to get a government job either it be for the less pressure or be it for the benefits or be it for the security of the future everyone understand that government job is really good source of income with a safe and secure future. But only a few people are able to clear these exams because 90% people even after knowing the benefits of a government job fail to clear these exams because of right guidance and opportunities. In today's article we will look for easy ways to clear SSC CGL banking Railways and other government job exams in the most simplified manner.

1. Make your basics strong:

we all know that all the government job exams primarily ask only maths English reasoning and general studies they do not want any highest studies of Calculus or accounts or Engineering or anything but they want to check your basic intelligence through these four subjects which are 10th based so if you really want to clear government job exams like SSC CGL banking Railways police and others you should have you basics strong you should work on your fundamentals and concept of maths English reasoning and general studies.

This is also true that yes shortcut and tricks are required in this exams but shortcut and tricks work for the students who have their fundamentals basics clear if you only rely on shortcut and tricks then you will not be able to clear the exams because many conceptual questions also come and even to understand the shortcut and trick you will have to understand the basic concepts first.

2. Learn the shortcut and tricks:

As we all know these exams are a complete game of time so even if someone says that I have all the concepts clear and I can do a question in 2 minutes still he will not be able to attempt even half the paper in the exam because these exams give you only 40 seconds per question that obviously means that one has to learn all the shortcut and tricks so that he or she can clear the exam by doing all the questions well with in the given time limit.

This is where a good SSC coaching institute comes into play because you cannot learn these shortcut and tricks through books books will always tell you the conceptual way to do the question but it is the faculty members at various SSC coaching institute that tell you different tricks and shortcut to do the same question without Pen and paper within 40 seconds.

Along with this you should also work on your basics so that your able to understand the logic behind the shortcut and tricks ultimatly you have to do the question with these shortcut and tricks only in the exam but you should be able to understand conceptually and logically that how these trics are working and just in case few questions come that needs the concept and not the shortcut then you should be able to do them as well.

3. Do regular mock test series:

This is probably the biggest game changer and the biggest mistake done by students that the do not do enough mock test before the real exam they only focus on studying back to back chapter but never focus on doing mock test so that they can evaluate themselves on the regular basis. So this is really important because you get to know your weakness and the areas where you exactly need to work so that you can have a strategic preparation towards the government job exams.

In case you are looking for places where you can get mock test series then you can simply by a book from any nearby book store or you can search for a mock test book on Amazon otherwise your SSC coaching institute in Delhi will provide you with all the mock test series in both online and offline mode. We have seen that students who give at least three mock test every week have Double the chances of getting a good rank in the SSC CGL banking and other government job exams because now the exactly no their weakness and they can work on there weak points.

Also once you finishes your course then you should do three papers of one hour each everyday so that you can have that exam temprament doing three papers are day will only take your 3 hours but it will give you lot of confidence and you will be able to do different type of questions in various mock test series.

4. Join the best SSC coaching institute:

Having a good mentor is really important be it any field that is why we always tell that do not simply rely on YouTube or self preparation but also join a good SSC coaching institute for yourself so that you can get complete guidance you can have complete discipline in attending the classes you can have that environment where all the students along with you are preparing for the government job exams you get complete test series you also get backup for the online classes and most importantly they will teach you all the shortcut and tricks along with all the concepts and right strategy to clear these exams.

The easiest way to find best SSC coaching institute for yourself is to check their Google reviews as well as talk to the students after the batch finishes just check if they have good faculty members if they provide regular test series if they have good study material and then you should join them if they are giving all this in affordable prices.

5. Practice at home with timer on:

This is also another game changer because many times we have seen students do a lot of hard work but they fail to do the smart work and it becomes really important that when you are practicing at home always and always practice with a timer on so that you can check that you are doing the questions in the right speed because this is a complete game of speed.

For this you can simply use your mobile and have this timer on wearing you will attempt 30 questions in the 30 minutes take 10 minutes break and then again 30 questions in 30 minutes that is how you prepare at your home as well because speed is not something that will directly come in the exam it is to be built over the time just like any athlete would do by practicing their sport everyday not playing directly in the tournament.

We hope above points will help all the students preparing for SSC CGL banking Railways and other government job exams. If you are looking for best SSC CGL coaching in Delhi then kindly visit our Institute at Excel SSC coaching in Delhi for free counselling session and our counsellors will guide you the right way how to clear these exams which all exams are coming and how to prepare for this exams in the best possible way.

Along with that we have best faculty members we also provide regular test series in both online and offline mode we have really good study material as well all the batches are available from 8:00 a.m. in the morning till 8:00 p.m. in the evening along with weekend batches and 100% backup for the classes in the online format. You can check more about us on ExcelSSC.

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