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Benefits of E-commerce Mobile Applications and Websites for P21

E-commerce Websites and mobile applications have gained popularity over the last few years as they help a business by increasing their visibility, driving more sales, and accelerating business growth.

Distributors can provide branded online storefronts to their dealers with the help of the dealer portal for Epicor P21. The following are the features of the online storefront for the dealers-


Benefits of E-commerce Mobile Applications and Websites for P21


1. Automated transfer of product information from the distributor’s P21 systems- The dealer’s website has all the product information- product description, cost, specifications etc. that is drawn from the distributor’s database.


2. Automated order fulfilment and management - orders from the dealer’s website are sent directly to the distributor’s systems which are responsible for shipping the product directly to the end customer. This facilitates the order fulfilment process, improving the customer experience and boosting sales. Without this system in place, dealers will have to communicate all the details back and forth, which might be a hassle and not a viable option. It will be difficult to scale up the operations without an efficient system.


3. Easy access to real-time product pricing and live inventory- Dealers can view updated pricing and inventory details in real-time. The live pricing helps to set up their markups. If the prices are changed and this system is not in place, it will lead to irregularities in the system or if a particular product is out-of-stock but the inventory on the dealer’s website is not updated, it may lead to a poor customer experience whose order may get cancelled afterwards.


4. Flexibility to sell own products as well- The dealer websites can host their products and products from multiple distributors for sale as well. The distributors can access their data as and when needed using the login administration tools.


Mobile app for Ecommerce P21 can also help a distributor with/without a website to expand its audience. Mobile applications can improve the customer experience by giving them the flexibility to order products anytime and anywhere. Mobile application for E-commerce P21 has the following features-


1. Easy compatibility- Mobile apps built are compatible with IOS and mac and work efficiently for both mobiles and tablets.


2. Provide real-time updates- Changes made to the product pricing and inventory in the P21 systems are immediately reflected in the mobile application.


3. Acts as a self-service tool for the customers- Customers can access all the information anytime related to the purchase history, order status, tax invoices etc. Customers can look up a product by scanning and searching the barcode In the product searches. All the information regarding product specifications is imported directly from the P21 system and can be accessed by the customer at their fingertips.


4. Alerts and Notifications- Customers are alerted about new products, inventory running low, new announcements etc. through mobile application notifications.


5. Facilitates fulfilment of orders- All the orders on mobile applications are directly sent to the seller’s system for fulfilment, enhancing the order fulfilment process.

Thus, mobile applications and e-commerce websites for P21 can be of great help in driving more sales and help the sellers in reaching larger audiences globally.


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