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4 Types of Enterprise Blockchain Consulting


There are a few different types of Enterprise Blockchain Consulting services. Some of these services are specialized in the development of blockchain frameworks, while others are more general in scope. If you are looking for how to invest in cryptocurrency with a more broad approach, you might want to choose a company that has a background in various industries, including finance, insurance, and other tech-related fields.


Innowise is an IT and software development firm that employs over 800 IT experts to help companies achieve their business objectives. The company specializes in the use of digital technology to make companies more efficient and productive. 

Innowise Group leverages its extensive knowledge of non-fungible tokens to develop smart contracts and create unique marketplaces. The team uses Blockchain technology to create self-executing digital protocols that are suitable for automated payments, crowdfunding, multi-signature wallets, and auctions. The company's blockchain consulting services help companies cut down on management costs and streamline processes.

Suffescom Solutions

Suffescom Solutions is a premier blockchain development company in Sunnyvale, California. With over a decade of experience, they provide end-to-end blockchain development services to startups and enterprises alike. The development team at Suffescom has hands-on experience with the latest platforms and tools, as well as popular blockchain tools. The company has over 500 employees and treats its clients like family. In addition to developing blockchain projects, the company also offers post-delivery technical support.

Suffescom Solutions is based in California and has a global presence. Their software development services span various fields, including finance, healthcare, and more. With an average experience of 13 years and six years in the field of metaverse technology, they deliver quality solutions. Their work has received high ratings from various review sites, which speaks to their expertise.


Chainalysis is a team of cyber security experts and data engineers who help organizations conduct complex blockchain analysis. They work with clients to help them investigate cyber security breaches, recover stolen cryptocurrency, and conduct various other analyses involving blockchain data. Their team also offers compliance services to help organizations protect their data. 

Chainalysis has a global presence and a number of clients across the globe. Its technology helps organizations identify suspicious blockchain transactions and help them make smarter decisions. It also offers valuable intelligence that can be used to implement anti-money laundering controls. 

Ernst & Young

Ernst & Young Enterprise Blockchain Consulting has a unique approach to blockchain technology. The consulting firm is using public blockchains to help businesses transform their businesses. Its executives are embracing technology as a platform that will help organizations create greater value. It believes that tokens and smart contracts will revolutionize the way businesses do business. With this in mind, Ernst & Young has a clear vision and strategy for the future of technology.

Its services include strategy, design, and technology. It also specializes in UX and branding for a number of industries, including the luxury goods industry, non-profit organizations, real estate, and financial services. They are also experienced in creating blockchain solutions for companies of all sizes. 

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