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Ultimate Lighting Solutions With The Right Functionality

The complete lighting solution consists of good lighting design, quality luminaires, and innovative technology. As a result, it is smart, connected, and efficient in energy. Eagle Lighting helps clients create sustainable lighting solutions for the whole project, either on land or at sea. 

Extensive product selection

The extensive product selection offers choices from a wide range of high-quality luminaires using the latest technology. A complete supplier of the project is ready to solve any challenge. The production has great flexibility and offers the freedom to customize based on their basic needs. The luminaires are built to last and are energy-efficient to benefit both the property owner and the environment.

Smart light systems

The light management systems provide an easy-to-control and manage lighting solution, whether the project is small or large. Smart luminaires and the newest control technology are provided for a single room, building complex, or ship. The lighting is smarter reducing maintenance costs while leveling up the energy savings and extending the lighting installation lifespan.

Benefits of good light

Light can improve sleep, well-being, and performance. All living beings have a circadian rhythm and humans are not exempt. Human-centric lighting replicates the natural light effects to optimize work and the living environments, using proven and research-based solutions. The right light at the right time influences everything from sleeping to how a person feels and performs.

Eagle lighting has products and technology offering tailored solutions for anyone's specific needs.

Comprehensive knowledge and smart tools

The importance of making smart use of the latest technology is beneficial today. Extensive experience in product design, product testing, and manufacturing makes sure the knowledge will be benefited by you. The digital platform makes the customer journey efficient and simple. With this, you can be sure of getting the best possible results to:

       Light planning

       Energy calculations


The goal is to offer a solution; easy to install, easy to plan, and easy to use while giving technical support when needing it.

Experienced lighting solution team

Each lighting problem is unique and clients gain the best understanding of their needs. The generations of lighting expertise and experience tailoring solutions for the project.A combination of local knowledge with global capabilities and strengths.

Three basic types of lighting systems

There are three basic types of lighting systems, namely:

  1. Ambient lighting
  2. Task lighting
  3. Accent lighting

You may start designing the lighting plan with ambient lighting and identify the areas that need accent lighting. When choosing from the different lighting systems, it is better to start from the generic to the specific. Now, if you think that you need the second one, task lighting, then you should talk to the lighting expert to ask for advice. It is better to contact the experts and have them advised on the right lighting system installation.

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