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Do All Heart Problems Eventually Lead To Unexpected Death?


People of all ages come across health ailments that might hamper their quality of life. These heart problems are caused because of a sedentary lifestyle, lack of movement and exercise, consuming junk food, improper sleeping habits, drinking alcohol, smoking and being complacent.

Mitral valve regurgitation is a heart disease in which the valves of the left chambers of the heart do not close properly causing the blood to leak backwards.

Delving Deeper Into The Heart Ailment

The people who suffer from mitral valve regurgitation experience fatigue, have irregular heartbeat, develop swollen feet and have high levels of anxiety.

Causes Of The Disease

Mitral Valve Prolapse

In this, the mitral valves flap back into the left upper heart chamber when the heart contracts. This prevents the valve from closing tightly causing the blood to flow backwards.

Heart Attack

A heart attack can damage the muscles of the heart. It can debilitate one’s health and make a person vulnerable to a host of other diseases.


It is important to get treated if one is diagnosed with a condition like mitral valve regurgitation. He/she might take some tests and get open-heart surgery when needed.

Get An Echocardiogram Test

The sound waves are used to create pictures of the heart. Through an echocardiogram, one can know the structure of the mitral valve.

Consider A Cardiac MRI

It uses magnetic fields and radio waves to create images of the heart. It provides detailed colourful close-ups of the left heart chambers along with the mitral valve. Also, the surgeons can take a cue from the pictures and proceed with the surgery. 

Make Use Of Catheters

The catheters are devices inserted into the body that consists of a balloon-like structure placed along with the replaced valve.

Take The Medications

People who are diagnosed with the condition might be prescribed certain medicines such as diuretics, beta-blockers, blood thinners and hypertension drugs.

Embrace The Lifestyle Changes

It is important to make some lifestyle changes to combat the heart condition. One must indulge in regular exercise for about 150 minutes a week. Apart from this, drink lots of water and consume a healthy diet.  People can stop the intake of alcohol and quit smoking.

Also, one should sleep for 8-10 hours and be free of all the tensions and worries engulfing one’s life.

To sum it up, heart conditions are dangerous but these might not be fatal. Taking medications, making lifestyle changes and getting the right treatment keep such ailments at bay. One shouldn’t fret and fume about things or neglect one’s well-being. To remain in the pink of your health, you must not smoke or drink alcohol and remain ecstatic all the time.

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