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What is your guide when buying a bike light?

It differs from a car where the choice of lights is considered. You must choose the best and right lights when using your bike. A guide will help you know the difference between the lights to see and to be seen. A rule for road riding, commuting, and mountain biking can give you an idea of how far your budget will go. Before you buy bicycle lights online, you must know the factors. 


Lumen is what you need to find in the light; it is the best part to start with light brightness. The more lumens it has, the more light that it will produce. There will be many things that will happen more than the number of lumens. Remember that the higher the count, the greater the intensity. Bicycle lights start with a low lumen count of 30 and can go up to 2,000. 

How bright can it get? 

A regular commuter uses a bright light, making it easier to see at night. When you use a lamp with a high lumen count, you have to tilt it down so it will not direct the oncoming driver's eyes. The best idea is to use two sets of lights. One is a bright light to see what is ahead of you, and the other is a less powerful light that you can use all the time. Using a light in a flashing mode makes it easier for the other drivers to see you in the street. It can save power to last between charges. 

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Specific bicycle lights can make mounting your handlebars and seat posts easier. But when you have aero bars or seat posts, the mounting of lights can be tricky. Lights are used velcro to secure it in place, a screw to tighten the bracket, or mount it using a rubber strap. Having a standard circular bar to put the lights on will be no problem. You only have to ensure that the light that you are using will be compatible with your bike. 

Many people will mount the rear light to the seat to stay for visibility in case. You must ensure the mount is safe and will turn in your wheel. You have to search for mounts that you can adjust to their tightness to secure their place. When it has interchangeable straps can be used on different posts and handlebars. 


Most lights are USB rechargeable or need batteries. The modern lights are USB rechargeable with Lithium-Ion or the same with the battery. It can save money by avoiding storms and is convenient to use as you can charge it anytime. For lights that need batteries, you have to ensure you can buy them from anywhere. It is vital if you don't have enough power for your light. 

Bike lights have been developed for years. You can now charge the lights, and there will be no excuse when you cannot see at night. You must buy a light when using a bike at night to make it visible to other drivers. When planning to go long distances in the dark, you need to buy an external power bank to recharge while on the go.

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