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How to get more out of your mentoring relationships?


Mentoring from a mentoring platform is one trend that is thriving and becoming more popular, which is unquestionably a good thing. Even though 82 percent of women think mentorship is essential, only one in five have a mentor. With the help of mentorship, women can advance their careers and move up the corporate ladder, but this tactic only works when the mentor and mentee get along. Success depends on compatibility because a mentor is someone you'll work closely with.

It is well-known that those who receive mentoring from a mentoring platform outper form their peers and make more money. A 2019 Olivet Nazarene University study found that just 37% of respondents have mentors, even though 76% believe mentorship is essential for professional success. The issue may be that people are participating in ineffective mentoring programs or looking for the ideal mentor when no one exists.

Since mentoring is crucial to achieving career success, we must increase our capacity to be influential mentors and mentees. So I sought the advice of some of the world's top mentoring experts to find out how we may do better.

How do you maximize a relationship once you've met someone you click with?

This brings up the question of establishing and maximizing a good mentoring relationship.

Get to know one another first.

It could be awkward and silent when you first meet your mentor on a mentoring platform, much like a first date.

A terrific approach to meeting and getting to know people is through this. To avoid it, introduce yourself by discussing your hobbies and identifying shared interests. It's also essential to determine the best communication channel and moment for a chat. These ground principles will strongly support the mentorship relationship's communication.

Think ahead

"By failing to plan, you plan to fail," said Benjamin Franklin. Planning is essential if you want to get the most out of your mentorship program through a mentoring platform. Ensure that you document the answers to the following queries:

What goals do you have for the workplace?

In the upcoming five years, how do you see yourself?

Which competencies are required of you?

These responses will be the conversation topics and standards for tracking your development with your mentor.

Regular meetings

Mentors from a mentoring platform and mentees should frequently interact throughout the program. It's essential to establish a meeting schedule and stick to it.

Similarly, be ready for those encounters to make the most of them. Think almost the issues you like to cover and your objectives for the meeting. Remember that you only get what you put into the mentorship program.

Own Miniature Touch-Bases

It takes time to develop a solid friendship; it doesn't happen overnight. Building great relationships requires more effort.

This suggests that you should allocate additional time for your mentor or mentee in addition to your regular meetings. In other words, get in touch with people whenever you have something insightful to share, whether it's about a fascinating book or article you're reading, a networking event from a mentoring platform you're attending, or anything else.

Move forward

It doesn't suggest you should stop speaking with your mentee or mentor when you end your mentoring connection. It's not like you two are divorcing each other.

It's a good idea to thank your mentor for their help and to compliment them for the whole experience. Sending infrequent emails, exchanging Christmas cards, or organizing a dinner date after work can all help you stay in touch.

Offer Your Assistance

After gaining so much knowledge as a mentee, it is good to offer something back once the mentorship program is over. The best approach to change the world is to support program expansion. This includes sharing your opinions with your coworkers and management, providing a recommendation that the business can use for promotion, or evolving into alums who will actively participate in various activities. When you're prepared, you can complete the circle by assuming the mentor position of a mentoring platform.


You two can learn things together! Don't be afraid to offer advice. It doesn't go too far or breach borders; it's just taking your connection one step farther. The relationship between the two persons will be strengthened, and your mentor-mentee relationship will grow if you can give and receive.

Remember that your mentor from a mentoring platform is there to assist you in succeeding. As a result, they might have to offer you harsh criticism or controversial advice. Respect them and remember that they are helping you by doing this. Even though it can be sad to listen criticism, you can be confident that it will only help you achieve your goals if it comes from a mentor.

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