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Choosing The Right Skip Bin Size With These Tips

Hiring a skip bin is a must especially if you have loads of trash to be taken care of that your regular trash collector won’t be able to do. If you've never rented a skip bin before, it can be hard to choose the right size. Each skip bin hire in Melbourne is good for different purposes and amounts of trash needed to be disposed of. 

If you do not know which to choose, you may end up hiring skips that are too small which requires multiple trips, which adds to the cost. To help you out, here are the variety skip bin sizes that you can choose from.

2.5m3 - This size of skip can effectively hold the amount of trash that would fill up about 1/2 of a trailer, that's about the same amount of contents as 15 wheelbarrows. This skip could be perfect for remodeling a small portion of your home or when you are decluttering your bedroom.

3m3 - This skip capacity is perfect for moving to a different house. It can easily hold the contents of two trailers or about 18 wheelbarrows. If you are using this skip for moving, take note if you will need a ramp to easily transfer your furniture and appliances.


4m3 - This has a capacity of three to four trailers' worth of contents. This is the perfect skip size if you are doing a major renovation with some of the rooms. This is a mid-sized skip so if you are going to be renovating your entire house, you might need the options below. 

6m3 - This is one of the bigger skips in this list. This is perfect if you are going to be tearing down a portion of a house for renovation, or you will clean and remove contents of an entire home. For this skip, a ramp is always included because it has the capacity to handle about 40 wheelbarrows or the contents of 5 trailers.

8m3 - This is the second-largest skip usually available and is suitable for large construction projects. This size can hold up to six trailers' worth of contents or 66 full wheelbarrows.

10m3 - With the capacity of 10 cubic meters, this is the one of the largest skip bin size usually offered. It can hold up to 88 wheelbarrows or eight trailers' full of contents from your project. Remember that this is only suitable for those managing a major construction site that generates truckloads of waste.

Skip Hire In Melbourne

In Melbourne, one of the most trusted companies for skip bin hires is All Over Bins Pty Ltd. They have been providing skip hire and rubbish bin hire to their  customers for the last three decades. All Over Bins have customers all across Melbourne as they specialize in the removal of both commercial and residential waste.

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