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Best Beaches to Visit in the Grand Cayman

This blog is for those who going to travel to Grand Cayman. The city is nestled in the Caribbean Sea and is the largest and westernmost of the three Cayman Islands. Here, the city boasts a wealth of activities, lavish accommodations, and attractions. Spread over 76 square miles, the city of Grand Cayman 22 miles long offers a home to over more than 15 attractions to explore. The website https://cvslocations.net/ offers users detailed information on traveling to different countries around the world. 

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We are sharing with you the list of beaches in Grand Cayman which are must-watchable!

 Seven Mile Beach

Seven Mile Beach in Grand Cayman is the most famous beach in the Cayman Islands which is located on the west side of Grand Cayman. There are many hotels and condos located on Seven Mile Beach. This beach is the longest beach in the Cayman Islands. However, the beach is actually only about 6 miles long (not 7 miles).

Starfish Point

Starfish Point is a great beach to hop into. This beach in Grand Cayman has a lot of starfish in the nearby area. However, the beach has become a popular spot for a party and strolling over the last 5 years. The best way to reach this beach is by taking a boat. Enjoy a serene view here and try out different snack items available here!

Smith Cove

Smith Cove in the city is a beach located about 10-minutes from George Town. People come here to relax with friends and family. Enjoy the cool breeze here with public restrooms and fresh-water showers that you can use. 

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Cemetery Beach

Cemetery Beach is a part of Seven Mile Beach which is the name of the entire stretch of beach. However, the beach offers a specific area next to the cemetery called “Cemetery Beach”. There is fewer crowds compared to other areas of Seven Mile Beach. Go for snorkeling about 60-yards offshore from Cemetery Beach.

 Spotts Beach

Spotts Beach is the top-most place to see. Here, you can locate wild sea turtles in Grand Cayman. However, the beach is usually not busy. There is a little further away from the main tourist area (Seven Mile Beach).

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Barefoot Beach

Barefoot Beach is positioned on the east side of Grand Cayman which is very secluded. Here, you cannot see the crowd since there are no signs telling you that you have arrived. This beach is located on the outskirts of the city.

Rum Point

Rum Point is the best beach to go which is located on the north side of Grand Cayman. You can spend the entire day relaxing at this beach. Above all, there are restaurants, bars, many restrooms, souvenir shops, watersports, beach chairs, and hammocks here.

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