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Arne Jacobsen 3107: The Modern Masterpiece You Need!

Arne Jacobsen, an architect, and designer is regarded as the father of contemporary Danish design and made fundamental contributions to architectural functionalism. At the Paris Art Deco fair in 1925, Jacobsen earned the renowned silver metal while still a student for his chair design. His renowned furniture and commercial designs cemented his place in design history after the war.

The Arne Jacobsen 3107 chair has a molded plywood seat and a tubular steel frame. Arne Jacobson's chairs are distinguished by their biomorphic shapes, which are instantly identifiable. The clean lines and light, and airy appearance of the 3107 chairs are inspired by the female body. At the 1957 Milan Triennale, the 3107 chairs, also known as the Series 7 chair, received a Grand Prix. The chair 3107 by Jacobsen, sometimes referred to as Seven, is Fritz Hansen’s most popular item.


All about the arne jacobsen

The 3107 serieschair can be ordered with a variety of various undercarriages, including a bar stool, an office chair with five wheels, and a typical chair with four legs. Armrests, a writing table attachment, and several types of upholstering are options for it.

The work of Charles and Ray Eames, who developed a technique for heat-molding plywood to bend it in three dimensions, served as inspiration for the modernist design. By creating the chair’s body from a single continuous form, Jacobsen took the technique to the limit. Nine layers of wood are glued and pressed before being sawed into the exaggerated hourglass shape that would later become his trademark, predating the Swan and Egg armchairs.

Each craftsman completes a demanding apprenticeship of a few years before working on the chairs in the current pressure molding procedure, which is not all that, unlike the original hand molding. As a result, the chair has a back support that is demonstrably flexible and has the ideal degree of giving. The waterfall edge adds the vitally important leg comfort that supports without ever cutting into the thigh. It is proportionately aligned with the human figure.

A swiveling office chair and an armchair were among the five various types of chairs. The seat is now available in colored versions, which updates its appearance to match current fashion

For use in lecture halls or auditoriums, Jacobsen created a connection device that made it possible for the seats to serve several purposes and join together in rows in an affordable manner.It was and continues to be, a well-liked chair for use in workplaces and cafes, and people all over the world have tried to duplicate its design.

Two unique editions of the #3107 chair have been produced in honor of Series 7's 60th anniversary. The chairs are meant to work well together as well as stand-alone pieces. In the 60th Anniversary Edition, contrasts in material, surface, and color are crucial. The two chairs were designed from either a feminine or a masculine perspective. One has a pale pink shell with gold-plated legs, the other has a deep dark blue shell with burnished powder-coated legs (24 carats). Despite their apparent difference, the deep dark blue and the delicate pink work well together to create a serene and sophisticated look.

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