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Tips on Taking Care of Carpets and Rugs in your Office and Home - Floorspace

The owner has the authority over the thing but as you know authority comes with certain responsibility, the same rule is applicable in the case of rugs and carpets. They are the artwork representing rich culture from where it belongs and what are they made of. They are passed on to generation and they can take years to make. Therefore, a tiny mistake can make that piece good for nothing. 

If you are planning to buy a new one or you already have it at your place then make sure you take care of it with an intention to keep it in the same condition for years to come. Here are few tips which will help you in taking care of rugs and carpets: -

  • Research is the key to success. We research and plan before buying anything then why not carpets as well. Putting money in it is no less than investment because if they will be properly taken care of it will be your legacy. Carpets or rugs made of different material need care in a different manner and it must be taken into consideration.

  • Never use a carpet at a place where they come in direct contact with the sunlight. Over exposure to sunlight leads to bleaching, the same thing happens to a rug as that to our hair. Also, often change in temperature can make threads brittle over time.

  • Don’t place a rug in a place with a lot of damp as damp makes dirt stick more to the threads, making it very difficult to clean the same.

  • Washing or cleaning a rug or a carpet on your own is a big no. Cleaning is not about placing the clothes or rugs in the machine. Usually, people do not know the right technique to wash it or they do not have the requisite detergent for the same. Therefore, it leads to discoloration or stretching of the rug, ultimately distorting the weave and ruining it. 

  • In the case of a stain don’t try to get rid of it on your own. The materials used and colour used as natural dyes, it reacts differently to cleansing agents that are used at home. It may or may not lead to bleach as well. 

  • Carpets and rugs need your love and care; they need to be stroked too! It is so because each one of them has its own lay or flow. If you will stroke it in the wrong direction the pattern will get messy, though you can bring the pattern back to normal by stroking it in the opposite direction but in case of few rugs or carpet, it gets difficult. 

In this era where many things come under DIY i.e. Do It Yourself, cleaning a rug or a carpet is an exception. It is better to leave some work for professionals. 

If you are planning to buy a new rug or carpet that will define your space then you can rely on FloorSpace. An Australia based company which will provide you with different types of carpet i.e. coir rug, wool, seagrass, jute, sisal carpet, etc. They are natural floorings and fully sustainable.

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