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How to Use Instagram Quotes to Get More Followers

If you’re on Instagram, then you’ve surely seen at least one of these quotes somewhere in your feed. They’re popular because they typically contain little bits of wisdom or inspiration and are often accompanied by an attractive image that fits the quote well. The problem is that there are way too many people using them, so yours will get lost in the shuffle unless you stand out from the crowd. Here are some tips on how to use Instagram quotes to get more followers, including the four types of quotes that you should definitely be using and one type that you should avoid like the plague.

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Step 1: Download a free quote generator

There are a number of free quote generators that you can use to get your Instagram quotes. Type Instagram quote generator into Google and choose one of your favorites.

Step 2: Add quotes you like

If you don’t have a lot of followers, it can feel like your voice is lost in a sea of accounts. The easiest way to stand out is with quotes, because they serve as both conversation starters and a calling card for your personality. Search hashtags like #wisdom or #inspiration on Instagram, and follow accounts that add smart captions or thoughts below their photos—these are good accounts to quote on your own feed.

Step 3: Create content with quotes

To begin, post at least five times per day with a quote on your company’s account. Next, you need to create an account for each platform. If you are already an influencer with a substantial following on social media, that is great! It means you have a head start in growing your account and bringing in new customers. For those of you who are starting from scratch, or don’t have many followers right now, it will take more time and hard work to grow your community.

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Step 4: Share your new visual story

Once you have finished with your narrative, if you’re a free member of Adobe Spark Page, create an account and upload your new visual story. If you are not a free member of Adobe Spark Page, go ahead and pay for it (I recommend using Paypal). After that save your story and then go back in order to share it on all social media accounts. This can be done by clicking on share at the top right corner.

Bonus Tip 1 - Try hashtags!

It’s true. For example, if you’re #lovequotes and throw a bunch of love quotes in your feed, chances are someone will like them, comment on them and eventually follow you! Easy as that! Here’s another one: If you own a business (like I do), try adding words about your business in your posts. I recently started doing that when posting pictures of my handbags and it seems to be working out well for me :)

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