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Google My Business Guide: Listing Your Physical Therapy Clinic


For over two decades now, Google has been the top search engine—the number one place where businesses meet and greet potential new clients. This fact has companies clamoring to optimize their online listings and content for search results. If you’re wondering how you can increase your visibility and attract more clients to your physical therapy clinic, a Google My Business (GMB) account is the way to go. 

GMB Advantages

When potential clients can easily find your PT clinic online, it creates the perception that yours is an active and legitimate practice. GMB helps you build your online reputation in several ways,

1. Your PT Clinic Will Stand out More Online

GMB makes it possible for Google Maps to pull information from your profile. Not only will the search engine introduce people to your content, but it will give them directions to your clinic as well. 

2. Advertising is Free 

Your GMB profile does more than list the core facts about your PT clinic. It provides an opportunity for you to shine without any additional advertising expense. This is your chance to show off photos of your facility, offer discounts, and provide a list of the services and therapies you specialize in. 

3. Client Reviews Benefit You

Word of mouth is still the best form of advertising. Spread the word continuously about your profile to your most loyal clients, and encourage them to post reviews that help show potential clients what you have to offer.

4. Study Your Results with Ease

GMB provides analytics that help you understand how your business is performing in online searches. You can study stats like:

·       Number of profile views

·       Number of times your website was clicked

·       Frequency of requests for mapping/directions to your clinic 


5.  A Website is Included 

If your PT clinic doesn’t yet have a website, GMB will provide you with one for free. It also offers you a free business site domain and mobile capability, so no matter what device people are using, they can easily view your site. 

For help figuring out the basics for structuring your website, don’t hesitate to contact web development experts like the ones at Clever Solution. They can help you leverage GMBs free tools to help grow your PT practice.

How to List Your PT Clinic on GMB

After logging into your GMB account, go to the google.com/business page, and follow these steps:

1. Click “Manage Now” on the homepage.

2. Type your clinic name into the field that says, “Type your business name,” to check for duplicate profiles.

3. If you find a duplicate account, decide whether you want to delete it or build upon it.

4. To build a new profile, select “Add your business to Google.”

5. On the next pages, follow the prompts to include thorough information about your practice. To improve SEO, choose categories that match your specialties as closely as possible.

6. Check your other online profiles to ensure that the information across each one is identical. Consistency across platforms will make it easier for Google’s algorithm to find you.

How to Verify Your Listing

You’ll receive instructions for verifying your address and your listing at the end of your profile setup. Once you do, Google will mail you a postcard with verification instructions, along with a unique verification code.

Using this information, log into Google My Business again and select “Verify Now.” Then follow the instructions to complete the setup.

Get ready for Growth!

GMB for your PT clinic is an essential tool for increasing your online visibility and attracting new clients to your practice. They can use it to connect with you without ever having to leave Google’s platform to enter another site. Your GMB profile helps you to establish legitimacy, and it gives you access to the most relevant forms of advertising—all for free. 

To set up your GMB profile, you could go it alone, or you can simplify your life by enlisting the services of professional web development experts who can help you leverage all the tools GMB offers. 



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